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Excellent death metal... - 93%

HeirToRuin, December 31st, 2004

This album, another great offering from Immolation, has exceeded what I have come to expect from death metal. While many of the old school US death metal bands have evolved into something cheesy (compare to Morbid Angel and Deicide), Immolation remain true to their roots while evolving their sound without losing their spark.

Musically, the album is brutal without going for the effect on purpose...which is usually a good mark. There are more atmospheric song on this album that previous works but the edge is not lost. The continuing lyrical content of anti-religion does not come off cheesy...a plaque that haunts many bands of this genre. The vocals are convincing...sans for some of the whispered sections in "Dead To Me" that seems to be somewhat of a 'faux pas' that has bled over from the mallcore world. However, this song is still one of my top picks for the other sections are quite strong.

The guitar work is strong and memorable. I've actually played some of these songs up to 10 times after the initial listen...a rarity for me with death metal. Overall, the album isn't groundbreaking, but it is strong and to me yet another strong release from one of the premier death metal.

Best tracks: Challenge the Storm, Dead To Me, My Own Enemy