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Beats KoC(2013), almost as good as MaD(2010) - 92%

MrMetalpants, June 23rd, 2017

Every song on this album brings out something eye-popping and entertaining that will make you come back for seconds, thirds, fourths. Right off the bat the album pulls you in with it's easily digestible and catchy structure. The overall songwriting is almost a masterpiece. Nearly every song is unique on it's own and easily distinguishable. The horns(?) on Thrown to the Fire sound like a teaser for a movie and sets an great tone for the song that get you pumped. The groove on Destructive Currents is second this year only to the Six Feet Under track Sacrificial Kill. Above all increases it's sexiness ten-fold around the 2:00. I could go on but I'll let you experience it for yourself. Even the songs that are less impressive still have moments that stick out ("Atonement", "The Power of Gods", "Epiphany")

There's a certain tone that the guitar uses when it goes high that sounds new and fresh. There's only so many settings you can mess with so when a new sound comes through, it's remarkable. (Not in the guitar solos, but in the lead/rhythm work). The vocal work is what's to be expected if you're familiar with their last handful of albums. Same goes for the drums. Really, no specific instrument really breaks the mould or jumps out at you. Like I said before, the strength in the release is the structure and composition.

Overall, this release is a great follow-up to Kingdom of Conspiracy. Much better, in fact. Not quite as breathtaking as Majesty and Decay, but really close. They keep the style very close to those and haven't dipped back into their old style from Here in After, and so on. even though they're not breaking new ground, they have tilled the earth and produced a fertile crop.

Best tracks:
--Fostering the Divide (So unique)
--Thrown to the Fire
--Destructive Currents
--Above All (So sexy after 2:00)

Technical Skill: 75% Album Structure: 95% Sound Quality: 75% Originality: 65% Writing: 95%