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Killing Season - 89%

chasm, July 5th, 2004

This is some non-stop grinding Brutal Death from Gothenburg. Immersed... currently search for a new vocalist and a drummer. The search goes on, so enjoy this sick wax meanwhile. "Killing Season" is nothing new or free-thinking, just solid, brutal death metal and not as over technical many bands want to be (Cryptopsy). They deliver crushing riffs, nice moshdowns, incredible drumwork by Jocke Unger, non-stop doublebass-assault. The vocalist has a aggro-type of growling, like a mad "Corpsegrinder"(I dislike him). But the music talks to it self, so I don't mind actually. For all you brutal death-fanatics out there this highy recommending. Fans of Deranged, Spawn Of Possession and Gorgasm will enjoy this album.