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Almost as good as it gets - 94%

Noktorn, March 8th, 2010

Within fifteen seconds of 'Salvatorial Rape', you've heard everything this release has to offer. More importantly, that's PERFECTLY FINE, as what Immersed In Blood does is so fantastic that just that same fifteen seconds looped over and over again would in and of itself make this practically an album of the decade, but wow, the band actually does more than that!

'Killing Season' hits just the right spot for me. Immersed In Blood plays an absolutely one-dimensional style of death/grind similar to bands like Aeon, Sanctification, or Deranged; if you've heard any of those bands, you know what to expect: almost non-stop blasting and tremolo riffing, incredibly raw, roaring vocals, and sudden stop/starts packed with palm muting and cymbal stops. There are literally three things that happen on 'Killing Season': blasting with tremolo, thrash beats with tremolo, and fills with cymbal stops. Nothing else happens. What makes this so great is that the band's execution of those three things is flawless, be it the incredibly devilish and maniacal riffs, the insane blasting brutality of the whole band, even down to the ridiculously heavy and intense mixing. This is the very definition of 'where it needs to be'.

I could say more, but what's there to say about an album like this? I could go into some of the intricacies- how the drummer knows EXACTLY when to shift from blast to thrash beat and back again, how 'Percussive Control' has some of the most deliciously evil and deranged riffs this side of Dark Funeral, or how the album as a whole is one long punch to the balls, but really, you get the idea from the title of the album alone. This is just about flawless; my only question is when the follow up is going to happen.