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Pure Swedish unleashed fury - 92%

psiguen, April 16th, 2013

Swedish act Immersed in Blood shows off its member's skills and relentless musical brutality in its full-length debut "Killing Season", in the vein of Aeon, but less complex and intrincate. It starts with powerful Stefan Lundberg's voice over a brutal, highly distorted guitar riff, then the rest of the band comes in, bursting like a heavy blow to your face. The first track "Salvatorial Rape" is the perfect opening, fast, intense and brutal, although a bit short. From here, intensity is kept at a high level: constant, intense and sometimes savage drum beating, with little moments at a slower pace, and some slow 'n' heavy grooving patterns here and there. I daresay this guy (Joakim Unger) is one of the fastest and most intense brutal death metal drummers I've ever heard, pity he's no more in the band. A very nice skin-beating work.

Both guitar players here come out from the ruins of Inverted, a Swedish dark old-school death metal band. Knowing Inverted, I would have never thought of their guitarists being so fucking brutal as they sound in "Killing Season". Fast and furious riffing, helped by the fact that the guitars are strongly distorted, but most notes played are distinguishable though. They also include some melodic yet brutal solos. Bass guitar is there pounding mercilessly, giving the band its characteristical thick brutal sound. It sounds to me like a bulldozer razing it all in his way right to your fucking ears. Simply great.

I merely mentioned how powerful vocals are. Stefan is a superb death metal vocalist, he knows exactly how to growl every time, and sounds deep, guttural and harsh, a bit monotonous but very aggressive. Lyrics are in the vein of modern brutal death metal, violently sick sex-oriented, but not as misogynistic as pornogrind goes.

Well, I think "Killing Season" is a stepping stone in brutal death metal, much more better than all those slamming crap we all are bored to hear everywhere. Check this out, it's pure Swedish unleashed fury the way it should be.

Almost as good as it gets - 94%

Noktorn, March 8th, 2010

Within fifteen seconds of 'Salvatorial Rape', you've heard everything this release has to offer. More importantly, that's PERFECTLY FINE, as what Immersed In Blood does is so fantastic that just that same fifteen seconds looped over and over again would in and of itself make this practically an album of the decade, but wow, the band actually does more than that!

'Killing Season' hits just the right spot for me. Immersed In Blood plays an absolutely one-dimensional style of death/grind similar to bands like Aeon, Sanctification, or Deranged; if you've heard any of those bands, you know what to expect: almost non-stop blasting and tremolo riffing, incredibly raw, roaring vocals, and sudden stop/starts packed with palm muting and cymbal stops. There are literally three things that happen on 'Killing Season': blasting with tremolo, thrash beats with tremolo, and fills with cymbal stops. Nothing else happens. What makes this so great is that the band's execution of those three things is flawless, be it the incredibly devilish and maniacal riffs, the insane blasting brutality of the whole band, even down to the ridiculously heavy and intense mixing. This is the very definition of 'where it needs to be'.

I could say more, but what's there to say about an album like this? I could go into some of the intricacies- how the drummer knows EXACTLY when to shift from blast to thrash beat and back again, how 'Percussive Control' has some of the most deliciously evil and deranged riffs this side of Dark Funeral, or how the album as a whole is one long punch to the balls, but really, you get the idea from the title of the album alone. This is just about flawless; my only question is when the follow up is going to happen.

Killing Season - 89%

chasm, July 5th, 2004

This is some non-stop grinding Brutal Death from Gothenburg. Immersed... currently search for a new vocalist and a drummer. The search goes on, so enjoy this sick wax meanwhile. "Killing Season" is nothing new or free-thinking, just solid, brutal death metal and not as over technical many bands want to be (Cryptopsy). They deliver crushing riffs, nice moshdowns, incredible drumwork by Jocke Unger, non-stop doublebass-assault. The vocalist has a aggro-type of growling, like a mad "Corpsegrinder"(I dislike him). But the music talks to it self, so I don't mind actually. For all you brutal death-fanatics out there this highy recommending. Fans of Deranged, Spawn Of Possession and Gorgasm will enjoy this album.

Brutal, not boring - 87%

DeadFetus, August 18th, 2003

Brutal death metal: one of the more controversial sub-genres around, maligned by some for relying too heavily on blast beats and a lack of diverse sound and generic gore lyrics, and praised by others for pushing the boundaries of of extreme music. I understand both sides, and while I love bands like Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession, Dying Fetus, and the like, I cannot stand the overtly brutal gore/porno grind metal, far to repetitive for me.
Immersed in Blood do the brutal death metal thing very well. Hailing from Sweden, the group can blast away at a thousand miles an hour with pummeling riffs and sick mosh breaks, each song is a musical beat down and the rhythm section is absolutely sick. The double bass hits like a shotgun blast to the face, and the riffs tear away with the violence and gore of a Mortal Kombat video game.

All in all Killing Season is an excellent album with enough variety and crushing brutality for any death metal fan to enjoy. It's not revolutionary, but it is some good violent fun.

Originally Published @ (c) 2003