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This band deserves more attention! - 85%

oneyoudontknow, April 13th, 2007

It is somehow surprising to see Death/Black Metal acts appear from Sweden again and again over the years, always with a record in the rucksack that stretches the boundaries even further and fits well into the metal scene. Grow in this northern country trees whose fruits offer inspirations or water which helps these young musicians to write such catchy music and sets creativity free? Whatever reason there might be, bands like Immemoreal enrich undoubtedly the fund of the scene. Even though their particular style is nothing new, the way it has been interpreted and became flesh on the demo, provides a deep insight how deep the rift is, between band who actually understand what they are doing and those who do not.

With influences from Necrophobic, Children of Bodom and In Flames, Immemoreal created a four track demo even mayor bands could take inspiration from and the youngsters do not have to fear a comparison with the releases of their examples. It is not necessary to point out specific aspects of the music to measure its overall quality as the elements fit together neatly and show the potential that lies in this band. Fast background riffs with support of a double-bass drum push the songs forward and interrupted by breaks that give the songs structure and help the listener to follow the band. Sometimes these "gaps" are merely silent or like in "Dream Enchanter" the sound of thunder, making it easy to recognize it and increasing the atmosphere. Compared to Necrophobic the vocals are not that dark and growling-like, but more like those of Children of Bodom on their first releases.

Another positive aspect of the demo lies in the way the songs are written, as an overall idea exists, it is possible to follow it and the good production helps to get easily into the music which looses nothing of its spirit even after listening to it over a longer period of time. Even though the style is mainly fast played Black/Death Metal the songs are catchy throughout the variety in composition, the riffs used and the fill-ins. All instruments can be heard, yet the bass could have a little bit more power especially to work as a counterpart to the very dominant vocals and guitars, but this has no real effect on the quality of the music.

Some negative aspects are the short length of the demo and also of the songs. The first track -- not the intro -- fades out abruptly and leaves a nasty taste while listening to the demo; something more is better. As this is the only annoying aspect of the demo it is possible to give 85 points. The bands shows with this release that they have potential for more and are capable of writing catchy and riff-orientated music on a high level, not far away from the examples they took their inspiration from. A release recommended to those who want to listen to fresh, fast and carefree played piece of metal.