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Brutal Death Mastery - 90%

timothybarnes, December 7th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Independent (Limited edition, Japanese version)

You may have caught Imbrued Blemishment on tour earlier this year with Vomit Remnants, 7 H. Target, and Ecchymosis, in Japan. If so, there’s a chance you’ve already heard the 2017 reissue of the band’s debut demo tape from 2015, featuring the four original songs along with exclusive bonus track “Undying in the Nerayiko’s Labyrinth” (possibly the best song on the demo). Limited to a spare 170 copies, this second run of the demo is a brutal death metal release worth seeking out.

Though Imbrued Blemishment only formed in 2013, their music shows the years of combined experience that the band members each bring with them. The group’s credits include stints with A Good Day For Killing, another Thai slam outfit whose 2014 EP Dementia of the Killers has been sadly overlooked by the passage of time, and Surrender of Divinity, a long-running black metal ensemble, currently on hiatus. Imbrued Blemishment is also part of the collective Siamese Brutality, along with Lacerate, She’s Gore, and (formerly) Deathguy. Accordingly, their music offers a distilled taste of Bangkok’s current leanings in the arena of brutal death metal.

The guitar on these recordings is one of the band’s biggest strengths. High in the mix, muted and distorted, tuned pummelingly low, the guitars create an enveloping aura, guiding the flow of each song. On top of the ever-present chugging is frantic drumming and growled vocals, also mixed expertly. The sound is far from clean, but it achieves a production aesthetic which complements the aggression of the music. This is something a lot of bands fail to achieve, but it seems to come naturally here.

There is some enjoyable live footage of the band on YouTube, sufficient to tide me over until this band releases some new music. Based off the quality and proficiency of this tape, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Imbrued Blemishment release their next project on a real label. This style would work well on a full-length or a split album; for now, it’s sufficient to just listen on repeat.

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