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Total kick-assery - 86%

Madsorceror, February 18th, 2006

It's rare to hear a new release that really captures that 80's Bay Area sound, but And So It Burns is a great throwback to the golden age of Exodus, Death Angel, and other heroes of yesteryear.

Imagika takes a more modern approach with a thick guitar tone and solid production and couples it with ripping solos, riffs galore and over the top thrashy vocals.
Wisely choosing to forsake any plodding ballads, And So it Burns is all guns blazing with tracks like Chaos to Murder, My Dominion, and Darkness Has Come a testament to true old-school Bay Area thrash. The result is an effort that is especially poignant in an era when every thrash band you can name is churning out a "comeback" album, with very mixed results. Rather than sounding dated, the sound is both classic and full of vigor - just listen to the intro on Fade Away. As the album closes, you feel the song Fade Away start to die down, only to start rolling into a crescendoing explosion with a riff so intense every thrash fan is obligated to be familiar.

With superior execution, a polished sound and solid songwriting, there's a hardly a weak moment on the whole album.