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Could Be Better... - 74%

Madman, December 31st, 2002

Imagika are a relatively new metal band from the San Franciso area. So what should you expect when you're going to hear it? Machine Head and Skinlab? or Testament and Forbidden? Well, get ready for some bay area THRASH!

For their third album Imagika enlisted Uwe Lulis (ex-Grave Digger) to produce and mix the album and the sound is quite good, even though it's focused a tad too much on the bass drums. The bass drums dominate too much and you end up losing some of the bite from the guitars and the cymbals are slightly lost in the mix.

As far as the music goes the songs work as a slightly modernized bay area thrash with touches of traditional metal thrown in. The songs are played well enough, but the main problem comes down to the songwriting. There are good riffs here but nothing spectacular, the exceptions being "Fallen One" (awesome riff), "Atrocity" (I love the way the double bass works with the guitars from around 2:17 on), and "Hell" (The vocals are great on this one). These three songs prove that Imagika does have a future in thrash and can write something that's just amazing but the rest just kind of passes buy and doesn't make you feel anything about the music, it's just there.

The three bonus tracks are solid and were recorded during the sessions for the previous album but were never released. They are good but a slight step down from the rest of the album. This shows that Imagika have improved and there's hope that they will continue to improve with their next album.

The album as a whole (minus the three bonus tracks) works well but things just don't seem to click as well as many other thrash albums out there. There is hope for Imagika as it is evident that they are improving and hopefully they can write an album that's full of classics in the future. Imagika are definately a band to watch out for in the future.