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My Number Is Expired - 93%

Shadespawn, January 19th, 2010

Only a year has passed and Danish bulldozer boys Illdisposed spewed out yet another disgusting piece of rock'n'roll mayhem. In such a short time, most bands usually suck a big difference between the quality of their releases, yet in the music industry, quality seems to suffer greatly, while quantity receives all the merit. Of course our boys Illdisposed would never dare to let anybody down, since it's their legacy to pump out load after load of sonic greatness. It seems no matter what this band does, it can never reach any known level of mediocrity or dullness. Should they ever, then it would be awesome anyway. While other bands sit a year out licking their would from the bad reception the commercial crap they put out gets, our "schwule Nutten" press on and on, without any sense for remorse, shame or denial. Time to hit the tracks again.

To those who walk behind us is the title of 2009's voice of the pissed-off, sick-of-it-all generation of the 21st century's meat for the mass information grinder. "Just come and get me" as a musical straightforward composition and a general description of the mood on this LP. Sometimes you get this feeling when you ask yourself how it can be possible to live amongst all this falsehood some try to decipher as reality and act inside it as miserable as puppet figures covered in shit, performing as if they've been lobotomized by God and his holy Jesus. Sometimes you don't even care. Well, this album is the embodiment of every bit of nauseation caused by exposure to "reality". Every second of this album, every note reeks of disgust for anything that thinks itself to be supreme, but fails. The boys did a good job in recording here, as the clear musical tradition of sounding smooth, yet devastating has hooked itself onto the record probably as soon as the laser began making holes onto the plastic in the final step towards the consumer.

Right after the first note, or actually quote from wherever these guys chose to pick the strange quotes from, the album presents itself as a grand successor to the only one year old previous effort, The Prestige. Through the relatively slow pace of the opener "Blood on your parade", one would tend to think that the Illdis"boys" have lost a hell of a lot on energy since the last time, witnessing a "burn-out-syndrome", which is by no means the case here in this situation. While this album may start off on a rather slow pace, even for Illdisposed, they immediately show what is meant to be understood here, namely a slow, painful march to the throne, which is only replaced by the fury and aggressiveness we love, while still maintaining a rather humble tone. This may be Illdisposed's slowest release yet, which doesn't mean it's their weakest. Every track on this album is fierce and very straightforward and filled with catch melodies and heavy guttural singing, as one would expect from Illdisposed. As long as they deliver their unique authentic sounding slab of modern-day death metal, everything will be alright. A good recommendation.

(written for and TMO on 18 Jan, 2010)