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There's Something Awesome In The State of Denmark - 96%

Dark_Gnat, July 18th, 2007

Clearly, this band deserves more attention.

Illdisposed is not one of those super-technical bands. They have their own sound. Imagine a group of superb death metal musicians playing pop-rock with super heavy guitars, and a vocalist that probably is picked up by seismic scanners. Maybe like that.

There's "Something Rotten..." is infectious. It's a riff-tastic death metal album with amazing leads and solos. The riffs remind me of Bolt Thrower and Obituary, but with more of a groovy element. The disc has a nice old school sound, but with excellent production. Need to move some furniture? Just put this CD on, and turn up the volume!

Occasionally, they get pretty fast, but many of their songs have a mid-paced, almost danceable groove to them. No, not a hardcore or nu-metal groove, but an almost Celtic Frost groove. The kind that makes you smile and turn up the volume.

Leads and solos are just amazing. They remind me of some of the great 80's metal solos that are rarely heard these days.

Bass is deep, and blends with the guitars to create a warm, thick sound.

Drums are excellent. Not overly technical, but straight forward and pounding. There is some good double-base work to be found, and some great fills here.

The vocals are Suffocationish, but catchy, and growlier. "Ooh yeah!"

The band knows how to be heavy, and they know how to write good songs. They also have a since of humor, and don't take themselves too seriously. The little electronic drum solo at the end proves that!

Lyrically, they are truly unique. They cover a wide range of ideas, and even have a few love songs that are rather surprising.

This is a masterpiece of melodic death metal. Not the Gothenburg style, but an old-school style. There's even a humorous Megadeth cover. Fans of Carcass (Necroticism and Heartwork era), Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Pestilence and Celtic Frost just need to check this out. It’s the kind of album to play to your nu-metal friends, to show the right way to groove!