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Mediocre yet making an effort - 63%

Harachte, May 2nd, 2011

I wasn’t quite impressed with Illdisposed's earlier work and I’m afraid this CD will not remain in my cd player for long as well. With that said, "Kokaiinum is much more than just another death metal album", says the bio that originally accompanied this CD when I reviewed it. 'Define death metal', I subsequently think. There’s a deep grunt present, the guitars sound deep and the drums are sometimes quite fast, so what makes Illdesposed different from all other death metal bands? Next to nothing, I think. Or it must be the sporadic vague samples I hear, but they don't’ actually add up to the total.

This isn't a problem as such because all those people who write an album into the ground because of lack of originality simply don't realize there's nothing to innovate anymore, even during the time this album came out in 2001. I don't care about that really. What I do care about is the lack of an attention curve.

'Kokaiinum' has most certainly its moments, thanks to often catchy riffs and the occasional blasty parts ('Intellargent'), but overall the song structures remain in the mid tempo sphere and become repetitive. Tracks like 'Just Like A Clockwork' and 'Illdesposed' don't remain in your heard for long and become forgettable, even if the lead parts are somewhat memorable. I don't want to use the word 'dull' but Illdisposed was just one of those bands that never did rise above themselves.

Yet, another plus is that Illdisposed doesn't sound too 'Scandinavian' and this makes Illdisposed's sixth album stay above the 60 mark. I can hear they're making a serious effort, but perhaps their next album will do something about track list planning as well.