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A rifftastic slab of deathmetal - 93%

Mr_Bling, September 6th, 2003

This is truly a piece of extraordinary deathmetal we have on our hands here.
None of the usual blasting/grinding Morbid Angel crap, this is riffs out the wazoo, killer basswork and a superhuman drummer.
And the vocals! Oh the vocals, Bo Summer is one of the best growlers in the business, that man can do the "human subwoofer" trick better than anyone while still being able to hit some amazing screams if need be.
The general feel of the album is a midpaced, almost sludgy kind of deathmetal. Think Obituary with more low-end and a better vocalist.

In short, if you like deathmetal with emphasis on the riffs and the drumming (while still retaining an audible bass) this is the band for you.

Highlights are: "Weeping Souls Of Autumn Desires", "Wardance Of The Technocracy" and "A Deathwork Orange", the solos in "Weeping Souls..." are especially memorable.