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Their last shining moment - 85%

Morhguel, September 29th, 2010

I've already read many response to this record and many fans thought that this album was the first sign of Illdisposed's potential decadence. I don't get it why it should be, in my opinion it's a mature release, almost as strong as the previous, but not better. The songs are as good as they were on 1-800, but they have the same structure, similar melody patterns and so on. It's not a problem however, because the melodies are different, but at the first time the absence of the progression can be felt.

The only significant change is that they left out the metalcore clean vocal parts and put heavy/power style vocals instead. This was a good choice and they had the perfect man to perform it (Mikkel Sandager from Mercenary). Well, the song 'Nothing to Fear... Do it' was a bit unusual for me, more to say, I didn't like it at all because of the dragonkiller-heavy metal vocals, but when I got used to it, I realized that this is one of the best songs on this record. We can find many other strong tracks here, for instance the first four tracks (and among them, 'Back to the Streets' is the best), and 'Fear the Gates' which has a little At the Gates taste (just as their earlier song, 'Near the Gates' has this similarity). At last but not at least I have to mention their really nice thrash'n'roll song 'Illdispunk'd', it's in Danish (I suppose) except its chorus which is nothing but spelling ILLDISPOSED. This track is as primitive as catchy, a nice one. The two bonus tracks are okay, one of them is 'Dark' from '1-800 Vindication', which is not as good as I expected but not bad either, the other is 'Weak Is Your God' from 'The Prestige' which is much better.

This is the second album from the band's best era and I won't say the last good album from them because I still see the potential in them, however, I think they've lost their way nowadays. If there's anybody doesn't familiar with this band and want to choose between 1-800 Vindication and this, well... I don't have a good advice, the two records are almost the same. However, this album would be enjoyable for those who liked 1-800 Vindication or simply like the modern Danish melodeath (with a few experimental elements).

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