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Brutal Melodic Death Metal - 90%

Tale_of_the_Hellship, February 26th, 2005

Before starting this review, I would just like to warn that I have never listened to any of the other Illdisposed releases, so I only know a little about them. I had already heard vaguely about this band, as being one of the danish top death metal acts, so when I found this album (used) at a relatively low price I decided to buy it.

Well, the only thing I've heard about their previous works is that they were plain brutality with a very distinctive growl, but this album actually sounds a lot like melodic death metal. That is, by no means, a bad thing. Illdisposed have managed to mix Gothenburguesque melodies with brutal vocals and very subtle groove elements, making an original albeit short album that certainly runs from the typical In Flames / Dark Tranquillity cliches. The guitar riffs and solos are obviously drawn from that paticular genre of metal, but never fall into potential wankery like the guitar playing of their sweden comrades. Illdisposed keep it simple and brutal, avoiding exaggerated passages or any of that syntethized guitar crap. The drumming is also quite powerful, retaining many pure death metal elements, and altough there are samplers and keyboards like in most melodeath albums, these are used subtly only to create a groovy atmosphere, making the band sound like industrial metal at times. Bo Summer's growl is also one of the best I've heard: it is deep as the devil's own voice and would probably make you shit your pants if you heard it in a dark alley at night! There is some well-placed black metal shrieking and clean vocals in some songs, but not in all of them (once again we notice the how intelligent this band can keep away from the Gothenburg model), which make the album more acessible without sounding like a sell-out. The production is masterful - every instrument is in its place, the samples are very well used and the overall sound is both crushing and melodic.

This album won't satisfy old Illdisposed fans, from what I have heard, but anyone who is tired of In Flames clones coming from Sweden all the time and wants to listen to some original melodic death will love this album.