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Great melodic death metal - 86%

Morhguel, September 29th, 2010

However, I always thought that Illdisposed is only just a promising group in the second league of the death metal bands, I have to say, 1-800 Vindication is a great album, maybe the band's best effort. But this music is only for those who don't try to commit suicide when they hear some clean vocal, metalcore parts, core-riffs and modern thrash elements among the melodic death metal riffs. Let's write a song with electronic samples and keyboards, a similar to the newer Dark Tranquillity, mix it with the clean metalcore choruses and then play it really modern. That's 1-800 Vindication in a nutshell. The only downside of this album is that not each song has the same quality, there are some tracks which are just simply good, but nothing outstanding. For example, their most successful video clip song 'Still Sane' is a weaker moment on this record, but 'Now We're History', 'I Believe In Me' or 'The Final Step' are extremely good, every melodic death metal fan should give these songs a listen.

The era of this album and its sequel 'Burn Me Wicked' was the highlight of this band's work (if we not mention the also great but a bit different 'There's Something Rotten...' album) so if you like modern melodic death metal, the modern Danish metal music or just this band, and this album isn't a part of your collection, then it's highly recommended for you.