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Ildjarn > 1992-1995 > Reviews > TheBigDizzle
Ildjarn - 1992-1995

A Grim Compilation. - 82%

TheBigDizzle, September 6th, 2004

I have not heard all that much of Ildjarns work, infact this was my first taste of what he has done. From what I can gather though, this is a well put together compilation of his earlier stuff which any fan of raw black metal would do well to pick up.

Ildjarn's music here is very dark and incredibly raw, the vocals he uses can be very screechy at times, or sometimes just sound like usual black metal vocals. There is not much technical skill displayed with any of these songs. I'm not saying that they are boring pieces of crap, but they also aren't masterworks by any stretch of the imaginiation. This does not need technical skill to be good though, the simplicity of the riffs and the raw, screechy vocals, help it make an atmosphere, an atmosphere of darkness and coldness and grimness.

All the rest of the instruments are played very simply, which is exactly what this album needed, the drumming is just a bunch of simple beats. The bass on this album, while simple, is actually very well heard at times which is nice and it gives the already hard to hear music a little more definition.

A lot of people may not be able to get into this because of it's raw production. Everything sounds absolutely distorted on this cd, so if you like the raw stuff, pick this up, otherwise you might want to give this a quick test listen, or just avoid it all together. A lot of the songs don't nessecarily sound different from one another, but for an actual standout track, give 'Chill of The Night (Returning)' a listen, it has almost a psychedelic feeling to it which can really immerse you in the music, so this release simply gets more points for being able to do that at certain times.

This is a good release to see just how raw, raw black metal is capable of getting, it shouldn't hurt your ears at least to give it a listen, so maybe check it out if you want so black metal that is a somewhat better than the standard stuff, or if you just want to hear some grim as fuck black metal. Either way, black metal fans can do no wrong by adding this to their collection.