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Ildjarn > 1992-1995 > Reviews > Perpetual_Winter
Ildjarn - 1992-1995

Harshest Beauty - 80%

Perpetual_Winter, April 2nd, 2005

So you like grim black metal, eh? Well, if you like this you are definitely in a small minority of even metal fans. This is minimalism at its minimalistic. There is only 1 maybe 2 riffs per song, the vocals are beyond unintelligible (not to mention in Norwegian), the drumming has no real changes only 1 maybe 2 beats per song and the production is, well take a 4 track and crank up all the levels and record (anyone who thinks Ulver – Nattens Madrigal is rough needs to hear this). Not to mention there are clear production changes in a lot of the songs. A lot of people would call this noise, but for some odd reason I really really like it.
“1992-1995” is a compilation from all of Ildjarn’s works, all of which are out of print and highly sought after by a few hardcore black metal collectors (including myself). All of the songs on this album follow the basic formula I outlined above and most do it at a mid to fast pace that is typical to black metal. Occasionally feedback enters the mix, which could be intentional, but my guess is it was in the take and Ildjarn doesn’t care. Really the feedback doesn’t seem too out of place considering the overall feel of all the songs.

I can’t say that this guy influenced any of the legendary bands because his work came out after classic albums by Mayhem and DarkThrone so he doesn’t have that going for him. What he does have going for him is pure atmosphere. There is something about this music that can put me into a trance. As I listen to it right now I’m stone cold sober yet I feel as if I’ve been hitting the bowl. Ildjarn is probably the “coldest” black metal I’ve ever heard and this will definitely not appeal to even most fans of black metal, but this is a band that I will idolize for its purity and rawness. This is not metal meant to be understood by the masses. Are you one of the privileged few who can embrace the simple harsh ecstasy of Ildjarn?