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Ildjarn-Nidhogg - Svartfråd

Probably the best thing Ildjarn has done.. - 80%

WhenWolvesReturn, October 23rd, 2004

This piece of music is very short, which is the only flaw I have with it. Ildjarn's songs aren't long, and if well recorded (like in this EP) you're left with wanting more.

This is by far the best Ildjarn release I have heard (others are Ildjarn, Strength and Anger, and Forest Poetry) it's the best recorded, best timing, and best sound of all the instruments I've heard from them.

The guitars come out great in the mix, the bass is almost nonexistent but bounces along as you've come to expect if you know about ildjarn, and the drums, as always, are the manic beatings on top of empty barrel drums in a garage.

This is all utilized in to a catastrophic noise-fest which is both satisfying and addicting (it was this release that got me started on Ildjarn), if you're unfamiliar with Ildjarn, I'd suggest you check out Forest Poetry or the S/T album to see what most of their other stuff sounds like; however, if you want to hear the best Ildjarn has to offer, it's this.