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Ildjarn-Nidhogg - Hardangervidda

Ambiant Masterpiece - 98%

Grikeroth, April 9th, 2006

Hardangervidda is one of Ildjarn’s most underrated albums. This magnificent ambient CD shows a great contrast when compared to the band’s previous works. Since Landscapes is the only other ambient album by the band, I will use it for comparison. So unlike the Landscapes double CDs, Hardangervidda is a lot less minimalist. The sound is very clean and quite unique. I have not heard any other similar ambient albums which explain the high rank I gave.

Another major difference between this CD and albums such as Landscapes, Handangervidda was far from improvised. Vidar and Nidhogg took 3 years to do it and although it was only released in 2002, it was finished in 1997.

Although some people are still unsure if the drums are real or not on the metal albums (they are real drums), the percussion on Hardangervidda clearly is programmed. I usually highly prefer real drums to synthetic ones but on this album they fit very well.

If anyone still questions Ildjarn’s abilities to write more complex and clean music, no album should convince them of the opposite better than this one.

I consider Hardangervidda as Ildjarn’s best album and as one of my all time favorite music albums in general, all music genres included. Go buy it now, it’s well worth it even for those who don’t like other Ildjarn albums.