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Simply Brilliant - 98%

Rhapsorizon, October 3rd, 2007

There needn't be a history lesson of the band for the introduction of this review on the album "The Forlorn," by Ikuinen Kaamos. The only lesson needed is that you need to get this. Not an appropriate starter note, maybe, but allow me to explain why.

This album is the closest to the epitome of musical perfection. It has most elements needed to satsify the needs of those seeking metal to tell a story of a mental journey, a soul's endeavor, and most importantly, told using damn good metal. This album tells the story of a man completely haunted by his past. Having been horrifically depressed about a murder he had committed, it tells of his rise and fall to the point of death. Given the music written to convey this story, it is unbelievably powerful.

I associate their style a lot with that of Moonsorrow, except without the ambient keyboards/synths. They blend together beautifully a mixture of Black metal, Death vocals and rhythms/melodies you swear would be that of a Viking metal band, if it weren't for the lyrical themes. If anything, you can tell there is a hell of a lot of Folk metal influence in their style, even though they have never actually been that. But given the story told in this album, it will do anything but disappoint. I cannot begin to describe the effect this album will have on you once you hear the music and listen to the story of this one old man, haunted by his past. It is simply overwhelming, and will never allow you to forget it.

Interspersed with the hellishly-blasting metal sections within each track are beautiful accoustic guitar mini-sections, and they are to die for; this album has entranced me many times with these special key elements to fit into the lock of the heart, the mind and the soul. It is simply superb. There's really no other way to say it.

Although this album is not particularly, typically or noticeably complient with the "rules" of Pagan/Viking/Folk metal, any real lovers of the aforementioned sub-genres of metal will absolutely fall in love with this album. Recommended for fans of Moonsorrow, most definitely.

I will conclude this by saying that in truth, this album has brought me very close to tears. In it, is a story that I almost associate myself with, and with that, it has had the desired effect. Fucking amazing. Get it ASAP.