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Ikuinen Kaamos - The Forlorn - 90%

Bartman, May 12th, 2007

IKUINEN KAAMOS started as far back as in '97, but quite soon disbanded. Original member Jarno Ruuskanen brought the band back to life again in 2003 with some new members, and with a couple of demos in 2003 and '04 they got a deal with the (yet) small Dutch label Descent Productions. There are five long songs on The Forlorn, their debut album. All are varied, epic, agressive, melancholic, you name it... It almost gave me goosebumps all the 53 minutes it lasts, as it is so clever in arrangements, so wonderfully performed and packed in a perfect production. All hails to guitarist/bassist Jarno Ruuskanen for creating such a monster of an album, guitarist Juhani Mikkonen, Henri Villberg for growls and screams from the depths of Gehenna, and also to Artu Romo for beating the Hell out of his drums.

After the first spin I was more or less certain this was a 9/10 album, but now after countless rounds on the computer, in the car and on the stereo I've realized that if this isn't a top score then no album would deserve that tag. I admit that it isn't insanely good all the way, but overall this is such a vital and important release that it deserves all the cred it can get. I could write page up and page down about The Forlorn, but I'll leave you with this order: If you enjoy dark, prog, death, black and classical in a superb package you have no choice but to check out this future classic.