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If you got tired of the old school trend... - 89%

rusted_cage, May 19th, 2011

With no doubt, it's been a long time since I found a perfect example for the expression "revelation". Maybe there are lots of more innovative and original bands (not more creative), but Ignivomous have done the demo of the year for my taste. Maybe you didn't know about this Australian quartet, but if I tell you that among its members there's Chris Vulcano from Abominator and Deströyer 666 as well as members and former-members of Excarnated, Earth (Aus), Cryptal Darkness... surely will change the thing, eh? And as for rage and brutality we can't see too much difference from the previous bands, only that this time they drink directly from 'Mortal throne of Nazarene' and 'Dawn of possession', the most notable influences along the three songs that compose the demo, finding us with a maelstrom of chaotic and heavy riffs adorned with harmonic devastation that recall us to some bands, specially from the American wave, from Incantation, Immolation, Decrepit, Morpheus Descends, to early Bolt Thrower (specifically at the slow parts) and Malevolent Creation, the heaviness and dirtyness of Grave... you can know what I mean, so stop reading this review and try to find that stuff in LP (spawned by Nuclear War Prod., with a Necrotomy cover as bonus track), since the first K7 print was exhausted. From the intro, that personally recalls me to the one from the glorious 'Blessed are the sick', to the final fade out there's no possible truce. Sick, twisted and brutal stuff, which will manage to get you up from your chair and make you remove your neighbors' eyes with a corkscrew.