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Aussie Skullfuck - 95%

Brutalicon, April 25th, 2009

Crushing. That is the only thing that comes to mind after listening to Ignivomous’s “Eroded Void of Salvation” EP. The music is dense and suffocating and sounds like it has one foot planted in the modern day with other groups like Hooded Menace or Coffins, and one in the past with Incantation. Death metal enthusiasts will find this release worth their time, even though one complaint may be length, and that is only because the quality of the music.

The recording overall is done well. Doomsayer, being a slow and heavy track, is a great build for the other two songs on this EP. The guitars are truly dirty sounding and carry the weight of an anvil. There is just enough buzz and distortion to achieve the brutal death metal sound of old here without going overboard. One issue I have is that when the blast beat passages kick in from time to time is that the bass seems to get lost and the drum pitch is way too high for my personal taste. However, this is not the biggest issue in the world and overall the 3 tracks on here go together quite well. The Solos in particular almost sound as if they were made up on the spot. Picture someone having a convulsive fit while trying to control a whammy bar, you get the idea. This is not a bad thing as it adds some different tempos to the songs so nothing gets to monotonous or boring.

While this band/release may not appeal to death metal fans who want that polished sound (Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse), it will appeal to the longtime fans of the genre that remember and love the sound of dirty, crusty, grinding death machines. It would also be a wise pick for anyone interested in hopping into a death metal time machine and hearing the early 90’s all over again.

Dark, Filthy and Brutal - 90%

ResidualCod, November 11th, 2008

Three words come to mind whenever I place the stylus on this unholy 7” slab of wax; dark, filthy, and brutal. What you will find here is brooding, evil, old-school death metal, where they combine the high speed intensity of death metal and the crawling tempo of doom metal, like the early works of Incantation, Demigod (Fin) and Cenotaph (Mex). And as if the music itself wasn’t dark enough, Ignivomous give the recording a full yet filthy sound, which just adds to the overall feeling of doom this EP gives off.

The riffing here is excellent. It is well thought out and flows with a natural sounding consistency, which is an essential ingredient for high quality death metal. Both the guitars and the bass are very downtuned, which sounds like B or A, and is pretty common in death metal and never really got old (aside from the fact that modern death metal is 100% garbage). They also use a tasteful amount of pinch harmonics, but not in a terrible Pantera macho wigger monkey way. Instead they just use them as a nice contrast to the downtuned sludge frenzies, just like what Incantation did (I use the past tense because I’m not familiar with the later Incantation material).

The solos are atonal whammy-abuse, which is something I am very fond of. The drumming is also something of note. The drummer is clearly skilled but shows restraint by not getting overly technical or flashy. It comes out more with the patterns and how they are arranged and flow along. It also really comes out in the cymbal work. This guy sounds like he has 3 arms.

So overall this is an outstanding EP from a very promising young band. With only 3 releases under their belt, they have already become one of the leading bands in present-day old school death metal, and if they continue on this path then they will only get better and better with each release. Plus, this EP comes with the artwork of the excellent Chris Moyen, the man who has done covers for albums such as The Oath of Black Blood, Reflections of the Solstice, Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies and a countless amount of other albums. Worth every penny.