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Let us call this a first attempt, shall we? - 40%

oneyoudontknow, December 11th, 2008

The demo opens with a short intro which might be confused with the art by created by Elysian Blaze's Levitating the Carnal, whose origin is by chance, the same as Ignis Gehenna's. A depressive atmosphere, some chords by the keyboards and in the background moaning, whispering and the like attempt to set the stage for the first release of this two-man band. Yet... what might be foreshadowed by someone while Introit Inferi is playing, differs from what is actually performed later. The stage is set, but the band refuses to play on it.

So, where lays the problem? Well, Ignis Gehenna do simply not progress out of atmosphere that has begun to unfold itself in the first track. In fact, the violent bursts which open Call Of The Inverse Triangle, the second track, disrupt everything that has been built up before. Not depressive but rather atmospheric/aggressive is the music of this band and they rarely leave this path over the course of the demo. Distorted guitars and vocals as well as cymbals are the main facets of this music; in the background a bass-drum can be listened to by chance. The songs vary in tempo and offer some interludes as well as slower parts. Two guitar lines appear, while a bass seems to be absent. It can be noted that the songs have some catchy elements, but the band fails to be consistent when it comes to this facet.

The flaws in a nutshell:
-> occasionally plain and boring parts
-> atmosphere not consistent over the length of the demo
-> arrangements do not always fit together (choir part in Call Of The Inverse Triangle)
-> drum-computer programming (too repetitive, no transitions between motives)
-> music fails to fascinate, nothing outstanding or interesting can be found
-> vocals are too dominant and appear at a too large scale; no counter-point to them
-> occassionally 'red line' in the songs remains hidden.
-> muddy sound
-> the band feels proud to have discovered 'gamut’s' and want to share their experience with the rest of the world (Sulphur Pit)

The songs in this demo are listenable, but are not of a kind to encourage the listener to enjoy them over a longer period of time. Further do the intro and some parts (choir part, spoken performance) not really fit into the songs; the ideas do not become full circle and remain at a point in which their potential remains stuck. Ignis Gehenna offer a solid performance of black metal with an atmospheric/aggressive note. With some elaboration and work on the ideas, the music can become interesting, but only in case the current approach is revamped to a good deal.