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Mishmash of modernity - 60%

DGYDP, May 6th, 2009

People often describe this band as "modern metal", a meaningless umbrella term with a vague definition. But after further inspection, this non-existent subgenre is indeed an appropriate way to describe Icon In Me. The music is essentially one big melting pot of modern (read: post-80's) genres that are associated with metal. There's groove metal à la Demanufacture-era Fear Factory, melodic death metal à la Clayman-era In Flames and metalcore à la Killswitch Engage. If you are cringing already, then by all means ignore this band and go back to whatever you were doing.

Perhaps you are a fan of the aforementioned modern, mainstream variants of heavy music, and in that case you might want to dig into this band. To be fair, these styles do not appeal to me at all, but it would be silly to break of the reviewing process already. Human Museum is original, because it combines different genres in a way that has never been done before. However, the elements they combine are worn-out and trite. This paradox can be explained by a simple example: everybody has heard metalcore breakdowns and they are hardly innovative anymore - but have you ever heard it being used after an "industrial metal" (sic) intro that could have come right of a Fear Factory album?

Most riffs are stale and weakly composed, and yet it is apparent from other parts that this band knows how to handle their instruments. However, this does not save the overall product from being boring and repetitive, something that is only saved by the rigid production (easily the best thing about this album). The vocals are either characterless melodeath barking or clean melodic singing (see: Bullet For My Valentine); not entirely bad but extremely tiring for someone who is not fond of the style. All in all, this is not a release I'd enjoy listening too, but it's not bad in its own right and as such is recommended to fans of modern metalcore/groove metal/melodeath.