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Confusing Mixed Chaos - 50%

fleurs du mal, March 7th, 2012

After listening to this album over and over again, I came up with one conclusion: this band is trying to play modern thrash metal, but is it modern thrash metal that we're talking about here? Combining various elements of thrash and adding more modern elements to their sound makes "Icon In Me" nothing but another "metalcore" band. More like BFMV, only heavier and somehow more aggressive. However, I can't deny that the musical aspects in this release are great only with rather confusing vocals.

Track by track, I fell in love with the music, and despite the load of annoying vocals that really are disturbing, it's all okay with his angry loud voice if you can ignore the lame emotional cries and spoken things that do not fit the extremity of this music.

What is very noticeable in this album are the massive drum lines... brutal soul-filling lines that truly express the drummer's talent, capability, and mastering of his instrument. The bassist is so busy creating great lines for every structure of the tracks, which means this album is heavy-based and ready for any great material that guitars can come up with. Those guitar riffs did not fail me either; they are indeed well-written and give you those sick, melodic-influenced and dry-sharp riffs that really are so deep and head crushing, with powerful rhythms, good solos, and energetic breakdowns. Overall, the guitars are influenced by melodic death and old school thrash.

In my opinion, this album can't be considered a raw metalcore production. It has something heavier than other bands within this genre, yet I found it as confusing as them. As any metaller will agree, it's something between good musical taste and childish metalcore chaos.