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Not Innovative but pretty good nonetheless. - 80%

Akerthorpe, May 8th, 2015

Described as deathcore/death metal, Germany’s Ichor return with their third full-length entitled “Depths”. This is my introduction to this band and not a bad one at that. Monstrous and massive from beginning to end, this band has firmly planted their feet in the fertile soil of the metal underground. There is nothing that really stands out here, but damn, this album is just so thick and heavy! This more than makes up for their lack of pushing the envelope. I’m not saying that them not pushing the envelope is a bad thing, but their style of playing and the way this album was produced and mixed, there was no need for them to push the envelope here. These guys more than got their point across and then some! Total insanity and chaos all the way!

Usually I talk about the guitars first, but this time I must begin by talking about the drums. The drum work here is absolutely insane! It’s not totally complex and intricate, but I swear no grindcore blast beat could hold a candle to the power and passion that is put into the drum work here. Machinegun snares where needed feel like they are taking your head off and the slower tempos and double bass feel like shots to the torso. The precision on the tempo changes is flawless and precise. This is very excellent work from an obviously talented musician. I doubt there are any triggered drums here. If there is it would totally surprise me. The guitars are equally as brutal and sound a lot like the riffs of bands like Carnifex, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, and Nile. There is something that I can’t really put my finger on where the guitars are concerned, though. It almost seems like there is a really heavy Origin influence and vibe going on here but more from a progressive standpoint if that is even possible. In some parts, the guitars have an almost ethereal feel about them. Most notably in the solos. One listen to this CD and I am sure you will understand what I mean. It does not take anything away from the overall feel of this CD, though. If anything it adds a certain amount of intrigue. I believe this is the one “special” touch that the band adds as their own to the type of music that they are playing. Almost as if with this one little aspect of intrigue, that they are trying to blur the lines and blend the genres of deathcore and death metal. If this is so then they’ve done a damn fine job. Everything else here sticks to tradition and does not really waver in one direction or the other.

While this album is an excellent slab of metal brutality, I would like to see them broaden their horizons a little bit. There are so many bands that are playing this type of music, but not a lot of them stand out from the others. I feel that this band has a lot more to offer in the years to come and I don’t want to see them get stuck and become stale because they don’t push boundaries and add more elements that are their own. It is obvious that the talent is there. I just hope they use if to their advantage so that they don’t get lost in the quagmire of these perspective genres. With that being said, this CD is worth getting and listening to as much as possible and as loud as possible. I anxiously await Ichor’s next release as I immensely enjoyed this one. I honestly believe you will too. This album was released on Bastardized Recordings. So check out that label and this band and give them your support!