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A glimpse of what IE fans have to look forward to. - 75%

icedray, November 13th, 2003

Iced Earth releases 4 songs on this single and gives us a preview of what is to come on January 13, 2004 with The Glorious Burden. Well, after hearing this I can say that we will get some same ole Iced Earth but I think we shall also will hear a bit of new stuff as well if this single is proof.

I can sum this up by saying that 2 of the songs are typical Iced Earth while the other 2 offer something a bit different (nothing drastic mind you).

Lets start with the samey songs:

Reckoning - A galloping IE number. You have heard the riffs before but what makes this shine is vocals by Tim (no longer Ripper?) Owens. Man, can this guy belt out a tune. Nothing against Barlow (who I like a lot) but he can't touch Owens when he is on. Plus, Owens has more range and more control with his voice.

Hollow Man - As already stated the typical IE ballad which in of itself makes this a disappointment for me but not because that reason. I like IE ballads even if they may simple. They are usually catchy and well done and this is no exception. The disappointment comes from hearing Jon talk about this song so much over the last couple of years making it sound like his masterpiece when in reality.........its just another IE ballad.

The bit different songs:

Valley Forge - Ok, now this is very cool for a couple of reasons. Jon seems to get a bit more complex with the riff and move away from the simple gallops. Second - Holy Shit! Is that a guitar solo?! Yes, it is and what a relief. Hopefully, the new disc will have some more. Its a good solo, nothing great, but good. Santolla seems competent.

When The Eagle Cries (acoustic) - Another IE ballad? Yes, but not your typical IE ballad. This has a bit more melody and depth to the song and Owens shines on the vocals, again. Yes, the lyrics are bit cheesy but as an American, its still kind of emotional. Lets face it, 9/11 will not be forgotten. Be interesting to hear the electric version.

Anyway, overall there seems to be some hope that IE will vary it a bit with TGB but will also deliver the IE goods that we have come to expect. This has perked my interest, thats for sure.