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Can't Wait Until January - 85%

BadOmen, November 9th, 2003

I picked this up after hearing the excerpts that were posted online. It was well worth the $7 to hear the full versions. Tim pulls off an incredible performance on The Reckoning. Sounding better then ANYTHING he did with Priest. I agree with jesusatan when he said Tim finally nailed the Painkiller scream. Awsome...awsome song.

Next we have When The Eagle Cries. While the music may be good, the lyrics are by far the worst thing Schaffer has ever come up with. It sounds like something I would have written in 2nd grade. I'm not sure what he was thinking when he wrote them. Maybe because they're easier for the average American to understand and follow...I'm not sure. But what I do know is that they stink.

Next up is Valley Forge. A pretty cool song with a kickass solo. Sounds very Demons & Wizard-ish. Maybe because Jon was writting the D&W songs at the same time. Who knows, who cares...good song.

Last up is Hollow Man. Barlow always used alittle too much emotion on ballads for my taste, but Tim sings it perfectly. Your average IE ballad. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yea, so if you have 7-8 bux to spair I recommend up pick it up. If you get the same version I did it comes with a free sticker. \m/