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Suprising - 80%

Ravenlord266, April 28th, 2007

As a huge Iced Earth fan I was like many other very excited when the news spread that IE was going to make a sequal to the praised Something Wicked album. The time now has come and the single has been released. but many ask themselves "is it worth it?"

If you are a big IE fan and dig everything they bring out, you can buy this single blindly. if you are more for the older IE music with Barlow and even Greely. you may not like this. Yet I am one of those who thought "The Glorious Burden" was a huge waste of time, and even when I heard of the "something wicked" return. I was kinda frustrated.. how would this sound?

to answer that question: it's a BIG suprise. The first track on this single is unfortunately the only new one. when comparing it to their last album I was suprised how different this sounds. less annoying and more schredding, with kind of an epic chorus and some nice melody in it. "Ten thousand strong" easily beats any track from the Glorious Burden album. not an overall superb track. but very nice anyway.

Then we will hear the original Something wicked trilogy re-recorded. like the first track these are also pretty surprising! though most are familiar with these tracks, IE did their best to make it sound different, and they succeeded.
Nice overall guitar work and the egyptian style chants give "The coming curse" that extra flavor!
but there are downpoints here, and with that I mainly mean the vocals. on the original tracks we have Barlow, who sings very melancholic. something Owens CAN'T do. Owens is a great singer, and even though he does a pretty good job on these songs, his voice does not fit the lyrics and the overall feeling of this trilogy. other down points in this remake are small things like the absence of the piano at the beginning of "The Coming Curse" and the fact that production doesn't really sound superb.

in the end I would say this eingle certainly makes me crave for more new tracks and hopefully they'll be as good as Ten Thousand Strong. Good job Iced Earth!