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Epic, Bold, and Unsurpassed - 94%

Demon_of_the_Fall, November 17th, 2003

Night of the Stormrider, Iced Earth's second album is a more technical riffery display due to a few things. First off they got a better drummer who actually plays double bass, and is much more competent in his playing abilities and placement. Second Jon S decided it was time to delve more into the things that people loved about their self titled debut. Third is that Iced Earth had progressed and matured as a whole in their writing and musicianship. Jon S knew what "the people" wanted, as he and his crew busted out some thrashy numbers that are almost anthems in some sort (look too Angel's Holocaust and The Stormrider).

John Greenly is actually a pretty good singer, regardless of what some people think, and he is defintaly better than Gene Adam from "Iced Earth". He has plenty of depth to his voice and his pronounciation is much clearer than Gene's. Also he has quite a vocal range. Many consider NOTS Iced Earth's finest work, and I can understand why, but i opt more towards the Barlow days. I've been a huge IC fan ever since i heard Burnt Offerings, and Night of the Stormrider is easily one of the greatest thrash albums of all time. Defintaly a Landmark for thrash and a definition of Iced Earth's classic sound. Easily NOTS is their thrashiest, most agressive, no holds barred disc to date. The Production is not to bad for 1992 but nowhere near the quality of their next few albums that would come. (I'm holding the original album in my hands not the Remaster) Jon and Randall S both spew some tight, riffs that seem to infect your mind. I'd suggest this album to any IE fan or to any thrash fan in general. If all you want is ballads this in not the one for you.

Every song on here is fucking classic, and most are all fan faves for their concert setlist. I could go into every song individualy but i think enough people have reviewed this album and the songs displayed so it seems pointless. Songs such as Angel's Holocaust, The Stormrider, The Path I Choose, Desert Rain, Pure Evil, Travel In Stygian, leave you fufilled and satisfied at the end of your journey. That's the best attribute about this album is that is it "A Journey" in and of itself. Not many albums have that Mystical side with a great storyline to back it up such as this one holds.
You feel you are going off into the night riding a horse with your sword never knowing what lurks in the dark. NOTS really makes people think and want to listen, and that is why i believe it gets all the attention it so surely deserves.

In Conclution if you like any sort of metal weather it be Prog, Thrash, Classic, Death etc or any TRUE form of metal atleast you will enjoy this album.

Best Tracks: The whole Journey