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Mainstream radio music... great... - 50%

TheMeh, November 13th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Century Media Records

Iced Earth is probably the band that's stuck with me the longest, and probably one of the bands I've listened to the least in metal as well. Given, they have had good music - I, for one, liking the efforts that were the Something Wicked Saga as far as it has come today, albeit some fallback - and yet I've come to find that they seem to have an odd presence, what with their... rather large set of former members that have come to accumulate. That being said, I was actually eager to hear Incorruptible, and I very much so wanted to like the album. But aspiration does not yield return.

I have given this album a lot of time to sit with me since its release, and I've been wanting to find good in it, but... it's just boring. Like the mixed bag that was "Plagues of Babylon", a lot of the songs on the album feel like they were meant to be played solely on the radio, while the rest of the songs on the album either fall short or fail in its experimentation. Given, I actually liked Plagues of Babylon, but I know what it has become. Incorruptible, to me, feels like it falls victim to what most mainstream bands fall victim to - they release only a couple of songs that give fans an impression that the music that they will release is going to be what they have wanted to hear for years, that the album to come will be a great one, and yet that impression cannot simply be met after the full album is heard.

I think Iced Earth has come to this point where, they probably know they'll be less relevant if they don't make songs people like, so they make these songs for the radio in the first place, not even daring to experiment more and make something that is actually worth the time to listen to in one sitting. Avenged Sevenfold, even, has experimented more than this band, and their newest album has so much of it that it's nearly progressive metal at this point... and they STILL get decent songs on the radio from that album. Iced Earth, unlike A7X, just makes a couple of songs and stitches together each song with noise. Which sucks.

Given all of what I've said so far, I don't entirely hate Incorruptible. That's why I'm only giving it a 50% in the first place. While I do abhor the fact that the songs given to us are geared for their radio play, in my eyes, the songs... well, they are admirable, and I do like them. The songs, mainly, would be "Seven Headed Whore" and "Raven Wing" (if I wanted to count "Great Heathen Army", I would... but it would have to be good first). Those songs, in a way, do resemble a lot of what Iced Earth has done in the past for me, a lot of what was right about their music, and a lot of what they should be doing. Stu Block, as well, is a tremendous vocalist, and performs this album very well in all areas. He's pretty much the vocalist the band needed, and I'm very glad he's still a part of Iced Earth to this day.

Though... I cannot commend the band and highly rate this album on these things alone. Naming a couple of songs that were good from the album can't save the remaining tracks it leaves in its wake. For what it's worth, this album falls flat in many areas where one would hope they find worth. All that being said... I wouldn't dissuade you from listening to this album. But, you would be better off knowing what you're going into. You'd probably be better off listening to Burnt Offerings... that at least resembles a time where Iced Earth wasn't producing crappy music geared for radio play.