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Great debut - 92%

Slave_to_the_dark, July 5th, 2003

I'm going to review the remastered version of this album because obviously everything has been improved without making ammendments to the songs themselves.

Iced Earth is a brilliant opener, very energetic with some great riffs. Very fast and sets the blistering pace for the rest of the album. Obviously Gene Adams isn't perfect as a vocalist, but in some sections the vocals do sound good. Colors has a superb riff that really sticks in the memory over anything else in the song, and is a good ride. Curse the sky and Life and Death are two great melodic/fast tracks that are looked over quite often, but there is great atmosphere in both.

Funeral is a superb Instrumental, it flows really well and the riffs are again, biting. The intro into When the night falls sets the atmosphere for the rest of the song, and I prefer this version over the DOP and AIA version, even with Gene Adams on vocals.

A great debut album from a truly great metal band, a solid basis for a great collection of albums, although they will improve over time.