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Fantastic collection - 100%

AbitovslothReborn, July 11th, 2012

This probably one of the best pieces in my collection, the set I have dreamed of! Iced Earth's best albums all bundled in one package along with some cool bonus material. I am late on buying this because at the time I was just a kid and wasn't into metal music. but i have since developed to be a huge Iced Earth fan. I bought this set about two months ago from a merchant on for a very good, actually a steal at the price I got it for in amazing shape. It arrived within a few days, not as long as i thought but I was very happy, it was like Christmas morning! and to my relief all 5 disks are in working order and play like new.

I really like the presentation this box set has, it comes in a longbox with a slipcover which has very awesome artwork and it folds out like a hardcover book. It actually contains texts, liner notes from the members of the band and contain some rare photos which are very cool and in my opinion appeal to a more serious fan like me. The albums are placed in order and come with reworked art, which I really like and probably like more than the original, it's more of a "comic" style, not really my thing, but it looks more appealing. Also it includes their demo "Into The Realm" which is an interesting listen, but not anything that is amazing, just shows the humble beginnings of the band. Possibly my only complaint is the "Tribute to the Gods" cover album, which I didn't have interest for at first because I could care less about cover albums. But i sucked it up and played it, and was entertaining not not something that is full of shock and awe. Also I feel it got left out because the album got a slip type slot in the box and not a normal holder like the rest.

So in all this is probably the best package Iced Earth has ever released. 3 great albums and some extra goodies all packaged in a amazingly well made and designed box, I say is a winner in my book. A must have for any die hard iced earth fan or collector...if you can find it.