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This Is THE Live Album of the Century - 98%

cold_confession, September 12th, 2004

Iced Earth is one of the most underrated bands ever. While they should not be embraced by mainstream media, they should be selling more albums than Slipknot. Why one cannot listen to them is beyond me. Alive In Athens really showcases the bands talent and live energy, anyone who has seen the live will attest to that.

The first disk is loaded with classics from every album. The 16 minute "Dante's Inferno" is pure power. Travel in Stygian is insanely heavy and Melancholy really gets the emotions flowing. The song that stole the show is clearly "A Question of Heaven." It is brutal, heavy, emotional and displays the band's capabilities bar none.

The second disk includes the epic Something Wicked Trilogy, one of the best concepts they have released. Path I Choose steals the heavy award and Watching Over Me takes the emotional award. The crowd fav Stormrider is really intense and Angels Halocaust defines the sound.

The third disk is another solid lineup. Stand Alone is a perfect opener, Brainwashed is a perfect example of their versitality. Violate really steals the show with its brutal heavyness, sick double kick from Brent Smedley (their touring drummer at the time) and the little "Trooper" closing riff is classic.

Overall... its pure IE. Emotional, heavy, relentless, epic and pure metal music at its finest. Everyone should have at least the double disk version, but the triple is paramount for any IE fans collection. I personally bought two of the three disk versions... one to listen to, one kept unopened to preserve forever. One of my top 15 fav albums by far and crucial to any metal fan's collection.

This album defines Iced Earth. Go and buy it now. Your taste in music will change forever.