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After the wait, the DVD. - 85%

TrueMetalBlog, June 22nd, 2007

After almost a decade of waiting, finaly some fortunate ones will be able to check on DVD the show that became a classic Iced Earth item, and that was release also in a triple CD. Before watch the DVD it is necessary to say that the american version of DVD has a booklet with the original coments of the triple CD and all lyrics of the 30 song from the show. I will not coment here track by track, because each one of us has our favorite songs and it would be a hypocrisy to try to change the opinion of somebody with some few lines.

In general the DVD has a good quality, in spite of the simplicity of the menu, extras (only eight minutes with Iced Earth backstage stuffs and Jon Schaffer in Atens showing some historical places) and except for the fact that the whole show was recorded with just one camera, the DVD worth for the almost 3 hours of Iced Earth in a excelent show. Mandatory material for the real Iced Earth fans.

The only thing that is unforgivable is that they, again, leave “Colors” out of the DVD. Is there a possibility of Melancholy DVD? There are things that are practically impossiable to be understood, but...