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I want more! - 96%

The_Boss, June 22nd, 2007

Oh dear, I may act like a faggoty fanboy but Iced Earth is my favorite band and I have anticipated the release of an Iced Earth DVD for ages, and finally after there first major live gig taped and put out I was elated. But with every passing year I wondered if it would be released, and finally about 8 years later I heard the great news.

After I got it I put it in and looked in the list of songs and I was extremely excited about the songs, but when I realized that one of my favorites, "A Question of Heaven" was missing, my heart sank. It was due to technical problems with the (small) camera crew and/or video problems. Oh well moving on, I can't complain about the set list of songs, all the fan favorites, all the great sing-a-longs, headbangers, and classics were still there. Crowd favorites like Violate, Pure Evil, and my personal favorite Stand Alone all serve to be the highlights. But I cannot leave out the outstanding Something Wicked trilogy and the sorrowful display of Matt's vocals on Melancholy and I Died for You. This DVD really shows the wide array of Iced Earth's catalogue.

From the first moment I heard the intro to 'Burning Times' to the lovely piano intro in 'Coming Curse' I was not once disappointed by the performance of the band, rhythm guitarist god Jon Schaffer was on the top of his game and all his riffs were perfect as usual. Check his guitar out, it's possibly the most badass guitar I've ever seen! James MacDonough was present on stage with his wild hair and killer tattoos, and Brent Smedley made his presence known, he can be quite the madman on the kit, he shows his talent by keeping pace with everything well. Lead guitarist Larry Tarnowski I think is tied with Randall Shawver as Iced Earth's most talented leads, Larry really has a nice style of playing that molds perfectly with the dark style of Iced Earth and the quick even pacing of Jon's rhythm.

And of course the highlight of the band, vocalist Matthew Barlow. Wow, he displays such amazing stage prescense and really commands the crowd. Not only that, he has the perfect voice and really shows how versatile he is from the high shrieks to the low growls which all sound exactly like studio versions which really proves the talent of a musician. As a side note - I fucking wish I had his hair.

As a live DVD release, it might not compare up to the other big releases of other bands due to lack of Extras and lack of dynamics on the overall experience, but I got what I wanted. It gives you a band playing live, no bullshit, nothing that you have to watch before, it goes straight into the music with little ado and for those who care about extras there happens to be backstage setup and preparation and Jon Schaffer walking around Athens. Nothing special. The only reason preventing me giving this a 100 is due to the missing "A Question of Heaven" and for the overall lack of professional camera crew, but in the long run that's just being picky.

For Iced Earth fans, THIS.IS.A.MUST. For a fan of any form of metal and live concert DVDs, you should check this out as well.