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They forgot the best song - 80%

6black6label6, October 2nd, 2007

Well, everything about this is awesome, besides the editing, and direction... The music kicks the shit out of anything I've ever seen live, and the sound and picture quality is unbelievable...but...they cut out the track that IS Iced Earth...and it seems that the camera men (or the editors) wanted us to look at Jon, while Larry is playing a solo. And it doesn’t happen just once, but throughout. You don't even see him until the second song.

Jon himself said he didn't like the DVD, but I have to say, it is still not a waste of money.

You can tell there is a lot of passion going into this show. From the get-go the look in the eyes of the band when they kick off "Burning Times" is one of pure electricity. If my eyes don't deceive me, I can almost see a tear in Jon's eye while they played "Watching Over Me", a ballad about Schaffer’s life long friend, who was killed in an auto accident, as stated. It is hard to find a flaw in the stage show, you know, what you paid to see. Even Brent Smedly's Spider-Man hat made the band seem so cool and together.

James McDonough is a monster; flowing locks, bad ass tattoos, oh yeah and his amazing bass skills. And Matt Barlow...the man doesn't miss a single note; never did I find myself cringing with a flat note, unlike some of the Metal (lica) videos I own. The mass of red hair swinging around the stage give the set a powerful, and enchanting feel and it just draws you in and keeps you going.

The highlight of the DVD is the "Night of the Stormrider" block, where they play the first 3 songs of that epic practically in sync with the album, kind of makes me arm get tired watching. And when they busted out "Dante's Inferno" the crowd and the band gave it there all for 16 and a half minutes with unprecedented precision.

Although with the absence of the song "Iced Earth" it was a remarkable DVD his heart pounding adrenaline and force that make Iced Earth on of the best metal bands around today.