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Influenced by "all kinds of styles", as they put - 47%

Lane, August 12th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Independent (Digisleeve)

When music is said to be influenced by "all kinds of styles", it rings my alarm bells. Okay, so, is it going to be all over the place, without any red thread to be found? Or perhaps band members are trying to play like brainy physicists and mix together some truly unsuitable styles?

I, the Betrayer from Norway debuted with this EP, titled as '7' (due to the amount of songs). It's promoed as being "influenced by all kinds of styles", but this time around it's a bit too bold a statement. Chugging heavy metal riffing, varying beats and vocals reminding of Tool, are ItB's main tools of trade. Sometimes close to thrash metal, at other times close to grunge or airy prog... It is quite an unique mix, and not too much on metalcore side of things. There are also some growled vocals, even though weak in force, so I really would leave the mention of death metal in the band's influences out.

It is not too much all over the place, but some songs are simply quite lame, such as 'Selfish Ride', on which the vocals and the music do not fit together at all in its verses. However, the band knows how to build some catchy song parts, especially choruses. The band also can do various moods: While 'Credulity' is in-your-face type song, 'Creature of Hate' is more like under-your-skin type one (definitely two better songs on offer here).

The production is of demo-level. Calmer parts sound, once again, much better than heavier stuff. The heavier guitar tones are soft, as are drums. The vocals are mostly clean and feel somewhat out of place here. Maynard James Keenan of Tool is closest I can compare them to, having similar vibration and softness.

I, the Betrayer should get a mention for their identity for sure. But then again, some of its part do sound unfitting. Even worse thing is all those lame or bad parts heard here and there in these songs. I'd get it back on a drawing board; there are cool bits, but if it all fits... Nope, it doesn't. Not in my ears, at least...

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