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They finally let Oceano on the Metal Archives? - 0%

DomDomMCMG, December 7th, 2012

Oh boy the new Oceano album, I can't wait. Hey wait, when did Oceano change their name to I Declare War? Oh wait that's right I Declare War is a completely different band. But they sound just like Oceano. And Oceano sound just like Whitechapel. So I Declare War are a clone of a clone. Deathcore has never been particularly original but at least a few bands manage to stand out through sheer skill. I Declare War have none of that. This band would rather do everything that's already been done before and make it seem even more stagnant.

This album has about 3 breakdowns for every riff and those riffs could've been taken from Oceano's first album "Depths". While I Declare War's earlier efforts are notably more breakdown packed than most deathcore, the band have truly gone all out with the chugging on this one. The guitarist attempts solos on a couple tracks, but they aren't anything special or notable. The bass can surprisingly be heard but it just follows the guitars all the time, so it's barely worth mentioning.

The drumwork consists of double bass fills and blast beats and is probably the only aspect of this album that has had any real thought put into it, even it is pretty standard for the style.

The vocalist is a carbon copy of Adam Warren from, you guessed it, Oceano. He sounds exactly the same, like he is deliberately copying him. The lyrics have also turned from previous themes such as politics and corruption to anti-religious rants not unsimilar to Rose Funeral and Thy Art Is Murder and twice as amateurish.

If I Declare War planned to go into a more deathcore direction it suddenly makes a lot more sense that previous vocalist Jon Huber jumped ship to Pathology to play actual brutal music. You're honestly better off listening to Oceano, the band IDW completely ripped off on this album. Better yet, listen to early Whitechapel (stay away from their new stuff, it's the exact same thing you'll find here)