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Newsted + Townsend = Greatness - 95%

WallsofJericho, May 19th, 2004

It's a pity Mr. Newsted spend so many years with Metallica when he could have been putting music like this. The IR8 demo features 3 songs (Colossus, Nothing, Black on Black) sadly these are the only 3 songs the band produced. Jason vocals are a thing of beauty, the sheer aggressiveness of his voice is hard to put into words. When he shouts "I am Colossus, Respect me or die" it's really seems that it is a giant soldier screaming across a concurred city.

Townsend is great as usual providing some great riffs and some excellent leads, the in Black on Black fits the song perfectly. Hunting's drumming is nothing special put it does what it needs to do and never takes away from the music.

The worst part of this demo is that it is the only material the band ever put out and once you hear it you'll be wanting more and more.