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Essential Listening. - 98%

Something_Inside, August 16th, 2008

I'm In A Coffin should, no, *deserve* to be crowned The Kings of Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal. Their music has the power to actually physically unsettle people, to genuinely affect the mood of the listener. If you were already feeling a little bit glum, putting this album on play might just cause you to degenerate into a sobbing, self-loathing wreck. The sheer level of emotion and apparent insanity injected into every track on this album, cannot even be found within the works of the heavy-hitters of the DSBM scene, such as Lifelover, Happy Days, Thy Light or Silencer.

IIAC's particular blend of down-tempo, drop-b guitars, slow and tortured drumming, seemingly perfected by the issue of their first demo, Buried Alive, are found to be almost exactly the same upon this release, but don't get me wrong, that is certainly not a bad thing. However, IIAC's key feature is the vocals.

NOTHING I have ever heard manages to evoke such a range of negative emotion as Sad-ist's voice. Ranging from genuinely disturbed sounding clean vocals, to primal screams that sound like a human being who is genuinely in pain baring his soul on record, to the eerie and haunting, and sometimes even sickly melodic delivery of certain lines which make the entire album worth listening to.

Just to re-cap, to add emphasis, the vocals alone make the *entire* album worth a listen. Factor in the beautifully arranged (in a sad way) guitars, the constant atmosphere of hatred and despair, and you have a recipe for what I already beleive to be album of the year. The only reason it doesnt deserve 100 is because, unfortunately, it had to end.