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Slow, depressive, cold and dark experience - 78%

Human666, July 9th, 2007

'Svarta Nyanser Av Lju' is a quite minimalist demo, in recording devices and musical abundance, but not in atmosphere, and that's the importance.

It begins with quiet sound samples, of winds, basses, shrieks...material which creating a silent mood. Then the guitars comes in with a slow riffing in a depressive tone, the drums are very slow also and emphasis the monotonous feeling, there aren't a lot of riffs also, they repeat themselves quite a lot but they doesn't becomes too much repetitive or boring. After six minutes there is a new riff which gives a new shade for this song and of course help it last for longer. The vox are as typical black metal shrieks, but these are the more depressive, and grimy, which of course more suitable for this demo.

It's a long track, 19 minutes, but repeat itself a lot and could be easily a five minutes song. However, the repetition helps this demo with the dark feeling and increases more grimness and coldness within. It worked for me only in extremely specific moods, but when it worked, it sounds like the second version of Burzum, which takes you slowly to cold, and dark places in your mind.