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Excellent release - 85%

Taliesin, March 12th, 2006

This is Hypothermia's second demo. It has a total of 5 songs. Two of which ("Intro" and "Outro") are instrumental. The other three are made up of depressive black metal inspired by the likes of Burzum, Nargaroth and Abyssic Hate.
But one can't make Hypothermia off as a clone. This band has been working on their own sound, that is easy to hear on here, and even more on later demos.
The intro and outro tracks are excellent instrumentals, creating a sense of being covered by snow, slowly dying. The first regular track is "Sjalvhat," and is fairly long, with a good feeling. The production it must be noted is not top notch, it is along the lines of Mutiilation's "Vampires of Black Imperial Blood," meaning the drums are pretty loud, whilst the guitars are left lower, and the vocals are pretty high with no reverb, which is a pretty harsh and raw sensation, as the vocals on here are as brutal as Varg Vikernes'. "Evig Kylat" is shorter, a little more driving, but still as good, the depressive quality is still strong. Same with "Your Misery," the only song to feature lyrics in English, which have a few oddities due to unfamiliarity with English, but it still gets its point across. The song is longer though, with a good feeling, and some good drum beats that are similar to Burzum's work on "Det Some Engang Var."
Overal what you have is a fine demo from Sweden's best depressive black metal band Hypothermia, who is certainly crafting their own realm in this style of black metal.