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Hypothermia's masterpiece. - 95%

Ridge, December 7th, 2012

Out of all of Hypothermia's albums and various demo's and splits, they have definitely matured and peaked into a something much more refined, beautiful and meaningful. This album consists of just one track, which clocks in at 1 hour and 8 minutes long. There are a few black metal bands who have done similar things and tried to capture a pure single piece of music in an hour long track, but this one is one of the best I've heard.

Hypothermia have lost the raging guitars and (at many times, poor) vocals to make way for music which sounds more like a story that sucks you in, draws you until you become part of the music itself. One obvious difference in this track is the change of genre. They are no longer reproducing the same kind of black metal that they have done in the past, but instead seem influenced by - and I say this tentatively - post-rock and shoegaze. I say this because of the way the music lulls the listener into a suspended state, achieved by slow repetitive riffs with very simple melodies and patterns (much like many post and shoegaze bands do) except Hypothermia do it over the course of an hour instead of a few minutes.

This may seem like the album is boring and quite lacking in content, but it's quite the opposite. Even with the post and shoegaze elements this album is still clearly a black metal band with heaps more creativity in them that when they started out almost 10 years ago. The way this music keeps you attentive yet holds back just enough to avoid the hour becoming tiresome is quite phenomenal. There is very little filler music as there is in many other hour long pieces and there is no hint of a 'riff salad' or silly abrupt changes, instead you sit back and enjoy an hour of organic, almost living (yet still ever so bleak) music.

Hypothermia have done an excellent job in creating an hour long piece that is captivating yet not over the top. They have done something on this album that they have not achieved with any of their other music and which triumphs over many other attempts of hour long pieces of music. This is definitely the key album in their whole works. My only floor would be that their is too little black and too much post, aside from that, this is a beautiful piece of music and it's more than worth the time to sit down and listen to it.