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Razor Waltz - 95%

Killer_Clown, December 8th, 2011

Depressive and atmospheric, melancholic and beautiful, monotonous and slow, sharp and cold. All these epithets are about this superb album called "Rakbladsvalsen" by Hypothermia. You know, I have always been a big fan of such chilling music that carves your soul and your mind similar to a razor cutting your flesh. These breathtaking melodies are maybe a little bit repetitive during the songs but they don't make you bored or something like that. This staggering release captivates you from the first chords to the finale, and even the title song being kinda protracted won't compel you to turn off the music. Also, Hypothermia strikes with their original beautiful primitiveness. All of their releases are richly saturated by this primitive art. I mean, you'll never find some complex passages, riffs, or melodies, but that's the main fact why Hypothermia is so alluring to me. It really engages many people with its simple beauty.

"Rakbladsvalsen" starts with the lingering "Del I". It consists of two parts. The first part is the outset and the outcome of that track at the same time and the second part is the peculiar culmination in the middle of the song. The second song is kind of "optimistic", if I could say this word about the style presented by Hypothermia in their works, and you can certainly notice that "Del II" is much faster as opposed to the other stuff on "Rakbladsvalsen". The third song restores you to the depressive hedonistic mood by its negative and melancholy. The last track is a real masterpiece, a real triumph of this simple primitiveness I spoke of above. Hypothermia strikes again and again with this "winning trick". "Del IV" is uncomplicated acoustic strumming, but still bewitches the audience. Afterwards the album comes to its end, leaving your soul desolated and drained.

Summing this up, I must notify that it is only my opinion about this release. Probably somebody has other notions about Hypothermia, 'cause everything depends on personal tastes and preferences. Yes, I agree that "Rakbladsvalsen" is not as great as albums issued by the giants of depressive black metal like Nachtmystium, Leviathan, Shining, or Armagedda, but such music still rages wild in my heart while I am listening to it.