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Kold As Fvck! - 90%

Perplexed_Sjel, March 25th, 2007

There are only a certain number of people within today's Black Metal industry that can turn to gold every single project they get their hands on. Kim Carlsson is one of these men. Not only is he Hypothermia's leading man, but he also has several other well known projects within the underground scene. Kyla, Life Is Pain and Lifelover are, as well as Hypothermia, all brilliant creations.

Over recent years the "Depressive" and "Suicidal" sub-genres have been growing at an incredible rate. Bands are springing up from all over the place and it's becoming difficult to find acts that have managed to set themselves apart and create something a little different from normally expected. Hypothermia have been around for a number of years now, releasing a whole host of demos and splits along the way, but not until recently has Hypothermia released full-length albums. "Veins" being the first and the album which i am reviewing, "Kold" being the second. Despite the fact that the first and second albums were released in a short space of time, i noticed a big change in terms of the content of Hypothermia's music. The idea is still the same, but the content is very much different. Kold contains the better production it seems, applying a far more clearer sound which demonstrates Kim's undoubted potential as one of the great musicians this industry has seen for quite some time. However, there is still a distinct lo-fi sound when the ambient sections kick in. Whilst Veins is essentially a good album, Kold pushes the envelop and takes Hypothermia to that 'Legendary' status.

Kold consists of two songs, spanning over 46 minutes. Hypothermia creates a sound so bleak and twisted that by the end you'll be begging for mercy. It is essential to be creative and innovative to an extent to allow this form of music to blossom and evolve into a blasphemic masterpiece. Hypothermia mixes ambient melancholic riffs, drums that act as some sort of foray for the devil's oncoming minions and vocals that depict such hatred and negativity of life. I was pleased with the drumming. What we have is an efficient and accomplished piece of drumming, not the regular blastbeats we have all become accustomed to over the years. Although the music can become quite repetitive, it makes up for it in sheer emotion and style. Long and drawn out ambient sections keep the music interesting, as well as many other factors. The connotations of the vocals are important in helping the music to create its desired effect. Such screams of agony and pain keep the listener entranced throughout. Rarely are there ever any notable tempo changes. With each instrument playing at a slow-mid pace in order to keep the music in touch with the theme of the lyrics and the style of vocals. Incredibly minimalistic, but original.

This is a record that will have fans of any sort of Black Metal weak at the knees. A record that will have you contemplating suicide without noticing. A record that will become one