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Hypocrisy begins thier legacy - 75%

antipath, December 13th, 2004

This is not the first material that Hypocrisy recorded, but it predates any full length of thiers. This one was just Peter and Masse. Peter played everything, Masse lent his inhumanly evil vocals. Even though the sound quality is really raw and probably worse than even the first record in terms of production, I like it more. I think that the songs were played better on this demo than on Penetralia. Even though this demo is lacking some of the really good songs from Penetralia, the songs that they share are done better, more evil, more dark, more brutal. Like many old death metal recordings, you can only really hear the drums and vocals best, but the guitar comes out pretty clear aside from some fuzz. No bass of course, its burried too deeply under the unholiness of everything else. I gave it a some what low score because many of the songs are sort of generic early nineties Swedish death metal, and aren't too original, but the good songs are really awsome. Left to Rot is a classic along with God is a Lie. You can get this one along with the even earlier demo in some versions of 10 Years of Chaos and Confusion. Its well worth getting that boxed set anyway.