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20 Years of Exellence - 100%

Imperialtroll, March 2nd, 2012

Hypocrisy is one of those bands that have managed to pursue a streak of highly skilled, successful records and are considered one of the mightiest bands in the death metal realm, not only because of their incredible writing talent, original concepts, and musical techniques, but also for their amazing live performances that is a fundamental part in any band's character and a major factor for their popularity and dominance.

This dvd is by far one of the best dvds I have seen in the metal scene, and here's why:

The band manages to perfect its sound to be almost identical to the audio quality "and in many cases better", which is to be looked upon with a great deal of respect. After 20 years, who would think that the sound of Peter Tagtren will be this good? Amazingly, the man manages to keep his vocal levels in very good shape to sound just like the olden days. It's incredible...the energy, the way the crowd responds to his unhallowed shrieks and the growls that shake the very foundations of the stage, also accompanied by Mikael Hedlund's backing vocals to give it more depth and more taste of the true music of the giants.

The guitars are of course well tuned and sound perfect, just like listening to the actual record. The rhythm guitars sound a little off, but barely shows. Guest guitarist Tomas Elofsson does a really good job, has a good presence on stage, and is a very skilled musician who was just right for the job.

The drums, done by Horgh, are also quite perfect and precise, yet wild strikes fall right on the spot with accurate determination and professionalism.

Also a very important element in the dvd is the selection of the songs. The record begins with "Valley of the Damned" followed by another song from their latest full length, "A Taste of Extreme Divinity". "Hang Him High" is a very well executed punch in the face to soften you up for what's coming next.

Another song selected from older albums is "Fractured Millennium" from their 1999 self-titled record, "Hypocrisy". Other songs considered to be classics are "Fire in the Sky", "Eraser", and "Adjusting the Sun". And of course another great addition that came in a perfect time to make you rest in the fires of majesty is the notorious "Apocalypse".

Other factors, such as the shooting method, doesn't focus on one member more than the other and captures the whole performance, giving each member his fair share in a way that is not too chaotic or boring. With a very professional direction, the lights also play a good role to establish an atmosphere suitable to the band's lyrical themes and performance.

This dvd is a perfect celebration of the opening of a third decade for one of the titans in the metal scene, a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their undying skills and their vicious soul that remains alive, willing to devour all the doubters and a must-have addition for any death metal fan. It's a monumental evidence that they are still at the top of their game. This dvd can make you believe that melodic death metal is still very strong, wild, and majestic. This is the true power of Hypocrisy.